10 Tips and Tricks to Stay on Track (Video Post) 5



by Anita Mambo Cohn


Here’s something new for the blog– a video post! I share my tried and true 10 Tips and Tricks To Stay on Track when you’re feeling overwhelmed, afraid, doubtful or stressed out about achieving your goals.


This is a completely unscripted, 10 minute video– just speaking from the heart.


To view the video, click HERE! I hope that the video gives you encouragement and everyday useful tools you can apply right now.


After you check it out, I’d love to hear what you think. To share, scroll down to the comment section below.  Warmly, Anita






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5 thoughts on “10 Tips and Tricks to Stay on Track (Video Post)

  • Kerrie

    Thank you for these useful tips! They’re all very helpful. I especially love the emphasis on keeping up connections when the tendency is to do the opposite when overwhelmed! I lam sharing on my social media channels and look forward to future video blogs from you!

    • Lauree Ostrofsky

      I agree with Kerrie! Your emphasis of keeping up connections really came through for me too. It’s a great reminder that sometimes we need to do the opposite of what we feel in service of what we really want!

      • harvest collective coaching Post author

        Lauree and Kerrie, thank you! It can be hard to remember that when are having a hard time. But connecting to others keeps it real, and helps us take a break from our self-focus, which can put things into perspective. 🙂