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You’re struggling to find your path. You get overwhelmed and afraid. You have a hard time believing in yourself. You can be the Change Agent in your own life! I can help you do it.

Warmly, Anita





About Me


Hi, I’m Anita Mambo Cohn, LCSW, MA. I’m a therapist, life coach and the owner of Harvest Your Strengths Therapy and Coaching in New York City.

I believe everything we need to thrive is rooted deeply within us. We all have the potential to access these strengths and bring them to light.

I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley, New York with my husband, son, dog and 25-year old turtle. My favorite pastime is to wander. To learn more about me, read my full bio HERE.




How Harvest Life Coaching Works


I  help you find and make use of your unique inner strengths. We explore your core strengths, identify your untapped strengths, break through your blocks, increase your confidence, and establish a plan of action to achieve your goals!


→ Access Your Strengths → Make Use of Your Strengths → Nurture Your Gifts → Increase Your Confidence


Coaching typically takes place via phone or video conference. However, limited in-person appointments may be available at my Tribeca, New York City office.





Want to become your own Change Agent?


300 Minute 



Enroll in Your Very Own Private Personalized 1:1 Coaching Program!

We access your strengths, break through your blocks, increase your confidence, and establish a plan of action to achieve your goals.

We meet for 5 sessions and you get ongoing support along the way.







Want to do a test run?


60 Minute 



We explore your vision for the future and capture specific steps and goals.

The Goal Setting Session is actually Session 1 of my 1:1 Coaching Program, so it’s also an opportunity to do a “test run” of the full program.

 You’ll get a discount toward the program if you keep going.








Want to gain clarity and support?


75 Minute



Want explore a particular issue you’re stuck with and gain clarity about next steps? Schedule an “a la carte” session!

First time coaching clients, ongoing coaching clients and group alumni members are all welcome to book.





Free Phone Consult



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Disclaimer: Coaching services are not a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions.