What’s My Why?

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by Anita Mambo Cohn, LCSW, MA


I recently celebrated 8 years of private practice as a psychotherapist. And over the past year, I’ve been launching a coaching business. A question I often get asked is why? Here’s my answer:


To help inspire heart-centered women to follow their hearts, dreams, and desires. To guide women to tap into their inner strengths, become their best selves, and offer support and nurturing, as they embark on their journey.


I apply my training, experience, and knowledge as a long-term therapist to help guide you. But I also have been where you are now! Wanting to follow my dream of doing my own thing, start my own practice, but feeling afraid, overwhelmed, stuck, not sure where to start or how to build my confidence. I was able to make it happen, despite these challenges, and learned how to push through barriers and blocks.


In my years of working with therapy clients, and in doing my own personal work, I have come to strongly believe that everything we need to thrive is rooted deeply within us. I love helping women find the strengths within them and make use of them to achieve their goals- this is my heart’s calling.


If you’re a heart-centered woman (a creative, a healer, therapist, writer, artist, small biz owner, entrepreneur or aspiring to be) and are feeling ready to carve out time to focus on your dreams and desires, I encourage you to sign-up for a FREE 60-minute Discovery Session with me. (Keep in mind this offer ends soon, Jan 15.)


The Discovery Session is best suited for women interested in working with me in my 1:1 coaching program or joining my intimate group coaching program, which starts this March. During our call, we’ll have a chance to connect and explore whether we’d be a good fit working together. You can ask me any questions you have, and we’ll talk about your hopes, dreams, goals and what you need help and with support with. There is no obligation to sign-up for one of my programs if it just doesn’t feel right.


I’ve started accepting applications for this Spring’s intimate Harvest Collective group. It’s an opportunity for 8 women to grow together, find and harvest their strengths, and support each other along the way. If this sounds like what you’ve been longing for, the Discovery Session is a chance to ask me anything you’d like to know about the group.


Sign-Up for your Discovery Session HERE. I’m so excited to connect with you! Warmly,  Anita


PS: Feel free to share with a friend who could use some guidance and support to get to where they want to go.




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